Exhibitor Questions & Answers2024-03-19T13:17:07+00:00

Exhibitor Questions & Answers

What is the Holistic Health Expo?2022-02-16T20:02:11+00:00

The expo is designed to increase the community’s awareness and knowledge of integrative healthcare and whole-body wellness through an offering of presentations, hands-on workshops and experiences, and an exhibit hall showcasing cutting-edge products and services. It also highlights products, services, and environmental choices for a healthy planet.

When is the Holistic Health Expo?2024-03-18T11:32:41+00:00

The expo will take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 7th & 8th, 2024. Exhibit hall hours are Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Presentations and Workshops may be ongoing throughout the day. The exhibit hall will close promptly at 5:00 p.m. Exhibitors must be moved out by 7 p.m. Sunday.

What does the admission cost?2022-02-16T20:03:22+00:00

Admission is FREE for attendees. Workshops and activities may have additional cost and tickets will be sold per program and as daily and weekend pass.

Where is the Holistic Health Expo?2022-02-22T16:23:49+00:00

The expo will take place at the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Conference Center, located at 1250 Miracle Strip Parkway SE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548 It is on Highway 98, on Okaloosa Island in Fort Walton Beach, conveniently located between Panama City and Pensacola.

When is Exhibitor Move-In and Move-Out?2024-03-18T11:56:44+00:00

Move-in begins Friday, Sept 6th, 12 PM.-5 PM, and Saturday, Sept 7th from 7:00 AM-9:30 AM. Exhibitors must have their area set up and ready to go by 9:30 a.m.. Each Exhibitor must keep at least one attendant in their booth during all show hours. Move-out may begin at 5 pm at the end of the show on Sunday, September 8th, and be completed by 6:30 PM. We ask that you please respect the integrity of the show and Sunday afternoon attendees. Management will assess attendee traffic and announce to exhibitors early pack out.

Where will my Booth be located?2022-02-23T08:55:28+00:00

Depending on the exhibitor level you purchased. In general, all booth placement is made by the date of registration and payment. That said, all assigned booths are placed so similar type exhibitors are not next to each other, creating a well-balanced floor plan. Sponsors are given premium placement.

Where can I park?2022-02-22T16:25:31+00:00

Free parking is available at the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Conference Center. After you unload, you will be directed by volunteers to the exhibitor parking area in the Parking Garage underneath the Center. This will leave the main lot available for your customers, the attendees. There is ample parking if we all work together ensuring our attendees have a pleasurable experience.

Where do I unload?2022-02-22T16:26:27+00:00

Pull behind the Convention Center, loading dock on the west side, to unload. Due to the limited space, you may not leave your car unattended. We will have volunteers with dollies available on Friday and again on Saturday. morning to help with unloading and delivering your supplies to your booth. If you want to accompany your belongings to your booth you will need someone to remain with the car. As there will be many exhibitors needing to unload at the same time, your help, patience, and cooperation is appreciated. Arriving as early as possible allows us all ample time to get set up and work out any last-minute details.

Where do I check-in?2022-02-22T16:26:46+00:00

Someone will be at the loading dock to guide you to your booth if needed. Once you have unloaded and parked your car in the exhibitor lot, please stop at the exhibitor check-in/information table close to the loading dock to let us know you have arrived. If you find you need additional supplies or have questions, we will be happy to help you – please direct all requests to this location. You will find your badges and exhibitor information at your booth when you arrive. Please order electricity, extra tables & chairs in advance.

Will food be available at the Holistic Health Expo?2023-03-02T14:22:14+00:00

Yes! food will provided by convention center for purchase which is a contractual obligation for all events at the convention center.  Organic options will be available, beer and wine will also be served for purchase. Please drink responsibly. Anyone exhibiting drunken behavior or causing a nuisance for attendees or exhibitors will be escorted off property by security.

Can I sell products at the Holistic Health Expo?2022-02-16T20:07:58+00:00

Absolutely!! In fact we encourage it as a way to earn back the cost of your booth. We are looking forward to a wide variety of quality products. While you may sell products at the expo, Expo management nor the Convention center is in no way responsible for the collection of Florida State sales tax. That is completely the exhibitors responsibility. Also, the sale of any ready to eat food or beverage is prohibited. Samples of food products may be given away. However, pre packaged edible goods that are sealed my be sold.

How many people may I bring?2024-03-18T16:37:40+00:00

You may have up to 4 people per booth of the same business. Only one business name is allowed per booth… The names of all exhibitors need to be registered in advance. In order to admit them as exhibitors in your space, all names must be provided by September 2, 2024.

What If I can’t make it on time?2024-03-18T11:24:58+00:00

All Exhibitor fees are non-refundable. Additionally, if no documented(email) communication is made with Event management before Sept 5th, 2024, Expo management may/has the right to re-sell the booth space with no refund to the registered exhibitor. If the Exhibitor is late (after 9:30 a.m.) on Saturday please contact Scott Chase at 850-687-0825.

May I use special lighting or sound?2022-02-17T09:07:30+00:00

Exhibits which include the operation of musical instruments, radios, sound projection equipment, public address systems, or any noise-making machines must be conducted or arranged so that the sound resulting from the demonstration will not annoy or disturb adjacent exhibitors and their patrons, and not cause the aisles to be blocked. Operators of sound-making exhibits must secure approval of operating methods before the use of glaring, chasing or irregular lighting. Additional AV Service and Pricing are available. Click here for this additional information.

May I distribute my flyers and business information?2022-02-17T09:07:51+00:00

Please make information about your business available to patrons from your booth. Distribution of fliers in the aisles, lobby, or outside the exhibitor hall is not permitted in order to keep the areas clear and be fair to all exhibitors.


May I give away a door prize?2022-02-22T16:28:49+00:00

We encourage each exhibitor to contribute a door prize. We facilitate a large promotional campaign focused on this opportunity to win products and services while attending the event. Door Prizes should be provided to Expo management the morning prior to show opening. Door prize drawing will be announced throughout the day on Sat & Sun. We also encouraged exhibitors to provide booth samples and giveaways as a method for collecting valuable information on potential clients. This will help draw attention to your booth.

What if I have special set-up requirements?2022-02-17T09:13:49+00:00

lease note any special requirements on your registration form. We appreciate you calling us in advance with any other setup concerns you may have.

May I have food at my table?2022-02-17T09:14:11+00:00

You may give away samples of your products, including food products. Tea samples, candy samples, supplements, herbal samples are all fine. An example of what is not permitted is preparing a cheese tray to entice visitors if your business is bodywork. If you plan to sell your food products they must be factory sealed. If they are not factory sealed, the selling of such is prohibited by the Convention Center rules. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Expo management prior to setting up.

How will people learn about the Holistic Health Expo?2022-02-22T16:29:18+00:00

The Expo will be promoted for 6 months prior to the event, through Natural Awakenings magazine, which currently has more than 50,000 monthly readers and is distributed from Pensacola to Panama City. We are also advertised in Natural Awakenings Magazines in adjacent sister publications. In addition, we have partnered with several other valuable media sources, including WUWF. Our website can be found worldwide additionally, we have a 100s of posters throughout the counties, press releases, radio interviews, local community paper ads, as well as, extensive social media campaigns and various Event platforms such as EventBright.

What if I know someone who wants to attend the expo?2022-02-17T09:14:56+00:00

As an exhibitor, you will want to let your clients know they can visit you at the expo. Research shows that the number of contacts you have with your clients can impact the relationship. Learn more about pre-expo marketing during our exhibitor pre-show informational emails and help make the most of your expo experience.

What if I still have a question?2024-03-18T11:25:35+00:00

Additional guidelines are provided by the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Convention Center.  For other questions, please call us  @ 850-687-0825.

What if we have a Hurricane?2022-02-22T16:30:29+00:00

As we live in a hurricane active area, should a hurricane happen during the two days, we will follow Okaloosa County Emergency Management guidelines and recommendations, as does the Convention Center. An Alternate date will be established in the unlikely event of such an occurrence.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my booth?2024-03-18T11:29:50+00:00

Expenses in putting on an Expo are front-loaded well in advance of the event, our standard policy is No Refunds beyond 30 days from the registration date or after August 1st, 2024. That said, there are always extenuating circumstances such as death or hospitalization, and are handled on a case-by-case basis. Expo management reserves the right in its sole discretion to make such determinations. 

What is the MLM Exclusive?2024-03-19T13:12:58+00:00

In the marketplace, there are many holistic health companies that use a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) approach. We offer a special option exclusively for MLMs. This means that if you’re part of an MLM, you can showcase your brand at our Expo without any other similar businesses being allowed to register as such. We do charge a premium for that option and refer you to the exhibitor option page.

However, if someone else at the Expo has a different primary business but also uses MLM products incidentally, they can still showcase those products. For instance, if a Chiropractor primarily focuses on chiropractic care but also uses MLM essential oils, they can exhibit(use) those oils at the Expo. They just can’t register specifically as an MLM or describe themselves as such.

How much does it cost to be an Exhibitor?2024-03-19T13:18:32+00:00
There are several options to choose from to participate as an exhibitor. From Double End Cap Booths down to single in-row booths, we provide the space you need to showcase your Holistic Health business to the local community. See the options here

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