Saturday, September 7th, 10 am-5 pm / Sunday, September 8th 11 am-5 pm

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Welcome to the Annual Holistic Health Expo

We are excited to once again bring you the 8th annual Emerald Coast Holistic Health Expo. As we continue to grow and bring you holistic products and services here in Northwest Florida, the availability of services continues to increase and we are proud to showcase the many options here in the Panhandle. Natural Awakenings Magazine is a great resource and educational source.  Natural Awakenings is proud to showcase Northwest Florida’s premier providers and products supporting and inspiring healthy, happy, earth-friendly living.

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Why the Turtle is our Mascot

As we practice mindfulness, we can look to the turtle as a model of how to behave. Consider how a turtle moves through the world.

Here on the Gulf Coast, many of us have been lucky enough to witness a sea turtle’s tedious journey from nest to ocean. Have you ever noticed how quiet people become when they happen upon this miracle of survival? People stop everything they’re doing to watch, and as a crowd gathers, there’s no need for the spectators to hush each other.

Somehow, this ancient creature commands humans’ reverence and respect—not because it’s fast or beautiful or agile, but because it’s fulfilling the prophecy of Mother Nature, and accepting its path with resolute innocence.

healthy living, healthy planet